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    Many people dream about high level, but to achieve excellence you must set clear goals, challange yourself on a regular basis and stay motivated. But which goals should you set for yourself how can you keep your motivation at an optimal level? These are a few examples of questions that HWE will adress.

    HWE leads anyone who want to achieve their goals and assists them in their personal, professional and athletic development.

    Break Anatomy prouldy presents the founder of HWE: Mounir

     With over 17 years of expertise, he has emerged as one of the most successful bboys and proved that only a constant and methodicalwork achieves such performance.

    Break Anatomy feat. HWE by Mounir

    February 18th, 19-22:00

    German Sport University

    Am Sportpark Müngersdorf, 50933 Cologne

    Halle 4

    Costs: 35 €

    We ask for prior registration


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